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Community Based Tourism

A Home Away From Home For Your Holidays With Rwanda Families

Four Principles For Our CBT

☑️ Tourism Excursions

☑️ Culture and Values Exchange

☑️ Local Community Empowerment

☑️ Environmental safeguarding

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Our Community-based Tourism Destinations

Welcome to our Community Based Tourism a “Home away from home” for your holydays with Rwandan families. Attractive Safaris offers you an enjoyable stay in Rwanda through Community Based Tourism (CBT) which provides foreign visitor with a home away from home during their stay in Rwanda. Our CBT at Home Away from Home gives you a unique immersion in Rwandan culture and customs by learning and participating in the Rwandan way of life in host family while enjoying warm Rwandan hospitality.

City of Kigali

Kigali is the dynamic Capital at the heart of our country.

Admirably nestled atop picturesque hills, Kigali is the thriving Capital of Rwanda, notable for its cleanliness, safety and hospitality.

Kigali is a great place to begin or end any Rwanda trip as its conveniently located in the geographic center of the country. The city is clean and safe, with extremely welcoming people. Guests will enjoyexploring the following great cultural and leisure activities and places of interests.

Northern Province

Welcome to the Northern Province, the most mountainous of Rwanda. It is divided into districts: Burera, Gakenke, Gicumbi, Musanze and Rulindo. It is in this province that the Volcanoes National Park is located, which extends over the panoramic chain of 7 volcanoes, the favorite home of the famous mountain gorillas.

Don’t miss Mountain Gorillas! Beyond that none can take away your warm welcome feeling and shared cultural experience through our CBT at Home Away from Away with Rwandan new family!

Western Province

This Province is composed with 7 districts: Karongi, Ngororero, Nyabihu, Nyamasheke, Rubavu, Rusizi, and Rutsiro. It is a 227 km circuit that goes from the town of Rubavu (Gisenyi) to the town of Rusizi (Cyangugu) via the town of Karongi (Kibuye), along the picturesque shores of Lake Kivu

Beautified by the primary forest of Nyungwe and the breathtaking views of the Lake Kivu, this destination is the best one for the community based tourism along Lake Kivu belt road and Congo Nile Trail, the famous hiking place in Rwanda. It is above all a path of encounters and smiles with the inhabitants in multicolored clothes, working tirelessly with a hoe in the cultivation terraces, or nobly carrying a bunch of bananas or a bag of cassava on their heads...

Southern Province

Southern Province is divided into 8 districts of Kamonyi ,Muhanga ,Ruhango ,Nyanza ,Huye ,Gisagara ,Nyamagabe ,Nyaruguru.

Some Rwanda travellers may call it gambling if I repeat that southern province is factual place for cultural and historical experience as it owns the top 3 gorgeous national cultural and historical museums stated as Rukali King palace, Huye ethnographic Museum and Rwesero art gallery museum and uncountable genocide memorials including Murambi Genocide memorial.

Long Term Volunteering or Internship

This long-term volunteering or internship fits in well with our CBT (a home away from home) project, where a volunteer or intern can stay with a local host family anywhere in the country. This will be an opportunity to contribute to local development and to learn about the culture and values of the community.

Typically our CBT-Home Away from Home for your holidays in RWANDA gives some of the elements that allow you to engage fully with a new culture, forge strong relationships, and challenge yourself. Most importantly, we partner with the community to ensure your experience will be important, relevant and helpful to the community you serve. Simply our Rwanda CBT- for home away from home possesses all packages that can fit you in our society as you can learn a lot about culture and values exchange during your stay in host local family and the community.

Long term volunteer & Internship

Attractive Safaris encourages the interested long term volunteering or internship in Rwanda to stay with Rwandan host families in order to minimize the cost for their holidays where by accommodation and everything else that might cost a lot out of family is provided for the affordable price at home. Here both volunteer and host family even community benefit in terms of revenue and expenses.

Volunteering activities
A tourist can become a volunteer during his stay by sharing his skills, knowledge or by sponsoring incubator projects to stimulate local socio-economic development activities. A computer scientist to give computer courses, mechanics/engineers to give mechanical or practical courses, doctors and nurses to give health support, language teaching, teach environmental conservation, women's empowerment and so on. Those who do not have special skills get involved in the daily activities of the local communities...

Attractive Safaris welcomes you to discover Remarkable Rwanda, Land of a Thousand Hills and the East African Region.

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